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Sunday, February 19, 2012

Wildlife closer than 300 ft (100 m) from my home

When one wants a safari to watch wildlife, it is normal to think in Africa or in a faraway jungle or maybe in a remote place in the world. This article wants to show that this is not necessary, no matter where you live, if you take your time to search for, I am sure you will find marvelous wildlife very close to you. Maybe they are not as spectacular as the great beasts or animals, but they are very interesting and wonderful. Even in a city you can find many animals around us. 
Santa Cruz de la Sierra, the city where I live is, particularly, a city that still has lots of wildlife despite its development and population growth (Santa Cruz has currently over 1.6 million inhabitants (2010 )). Because it is located in the Amazon basin, it still has remnants of reinforest's wildlife. Maybe several animals are not in the most appropriate conditions, but they are struggling for surviving. Some show a great adaptation to changes due to the growing city like the geckos. However, others show the despair of losing space and have nowhere to go
Next you will find a series of photographs of animals that I found within a range of 0 to 300 ft (100 m) from my home.
Its local name is "chiƱi", the scientific name is Athene Cunicularia. It is around our home at the evenings.   
The birds in a city have many dangers to face like the cables and windows.
Nocturnal moth. Sometimes we do not give them much attention due to their appearing in comparison to butterflies. But they are really beautiful.
The chopi blackbirds or Gnorimopsar chopis sing very happy all mornings. There are a good number of them and they are usually found in groups.
Common snail. They are found in all sizes and frequently appear after rains.
The three-toed sloth (Bradypus variegatus) was a special case. It appeared very disoriented in my neighborhood. We relocate it with a friend to a more appropriate place.
The common gecko (Tarentola mauritanica). It is very nice to see them catching insects exploiting the house lights. It is a great example of adaptation to the cities.
This insect is a type of firefly, which caught our attention. Its light does not come out of the abdomen as in the typical firefly, it does from the false eyes on the sides. I could not classify it. It is found sometimes when you cut the lawn.
There are lots of birds in the area.
This little guy appeared after the rain. The color of its eyes are remarkable.
In conclusion, I have shown only a few examples of what you can find if you take your time to watch around you. It is a great privilege to still see amazing creatures very close to us, let's take care of them and I invite you to do a safari at your home in order to discover them.